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Apple Bridge Spell for Samhain

We are experiencing a RED FLAG WARNING, so we will not be doing burning rituals today. . . so. . .


Walk to a bridge and with you take:
An apple and the choices you make~
Stand at the entrance of the bridge,
May it be in the valley, hill, or ridge,
This is the place you lay to rest
The troubles that led you to take your test
At this Samhain, Summer’s end
Reflect upon your foe and friend



Slice the apple in half –middle not up or down
See inside you view the witches holy crown
A pentacle will be seen
New hope of a new year to glean
Close your eyes and let go of what you should
(Toss half the apple into the water or gully)
Then imagine what the best of what you could
(Slowly cross the bridge holding your thoughts)

Once you have cast away the bad
Eat the apple, filling up with GLAD
When you are ready, return to your home, crossing the bridge, knowing that what you left behind will remain behind.

Blessed Samhain! Blessed Be! Blessed Witches New Year!
For more photos look in the Photo Gallery. . including the Wheel of the Year Spread, xo La Bona Dea
Photos by Jenni 🙂

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