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Winter Solstice and the Return of the Light

WS 2018 Indoor Altar

This is the Winter Solstice Indoor Altar. It remains on my table today, though it was over a week ago. I enjoy the beauty which radiates hope for a new year filled with LIGHT!

WS 2018 Spiral from above

WS 2018 Daylight Cauldron with Tinsel Spiral
Prepping the Outdoor Altar for the Spiral Meditation

WS 2018 Me lighting Cauldron great yard shot

Lighting our Spiral Altar

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that the light will return, especially on these darkest nights and of course, if you suffer from the winter blues.

WS 2018 Lit Cauldron and Spiral

WS 2018 Natalie at Cauldron
This year, during the dark times, I have not experienced the blues or sadness. However, I have magnificently been filled with excitement for death. No, not the death of people or animals or plants. But the excitement of leaving my old unuseful self behind. Old Priestess Tina, the one with some lingering fears and lack of trust is fading away. Now, I don’t know if I can say it is because I have lived long enough to know that it all works out or just that I believe it will always work out. I do not have a careless attitude about life working out, but a hopeful and magic one.

WS 2018 Supplies for Ritual

Those are the deep roots my druid ancestors bestowed to me. I feel energies around me, those of my father, my ancestors, and my heritage, they all back me right now. Honoring the Return of the Light is a way for us to look upon ourselves, see what gifts we were given and to choose to share them with our world.

At this ritual we allowed ourselves to honor that which we carry, and make intentions to deliver our gifts to our community and each other. The talents we are blessed with are there for us to connect with our higher selves and to attain our greatest good. This is a way that we may each bring our own light at the turn of the Wheel.

WS 2018 Moonlight and Reading with Mona

Readings and Honoring the Full Moon

I hope you enjoy these photos, this message, and this blessed and hopeful time of the year. Tonight is New Year’s Eve, Eve, so as the Wheel continues to turn and our days move forward toward the light, I invite you to find your gifts and to share them with us.

May the Goddess Bless you and keep you well in the New Year!
Peace and Light to All,
La Bona Dea

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