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The Morrighan (Mor-ryan)

The Morrigan Three Crows in the Trees

Celtic Raven & Crows in Mythology- The Morrighan is a Triple Goddes- – Mother, Maiden, Crone, or the three aspects of life and the moon cycle; life, death, rebirth.

In Celtic mythology, The Morrighan is the warrior goddess, and she will shapeshift into a crow or raven and recognized as flocks of them. When the birds appear in groups of three, and they are seen as a sign that the Morrighan is protecting you — or possibly getting sending you a message with her visit.

Some cultures fear the sight of a raven as the raven brings a warning of battle or death. I prefer to notice the ravens and crows as visits from The Queen. For that is what The Morrighan is – She is a great queen who resides in both this world and the otherworld.

I have an authentic love and respect for these murderous birds. They excite me when I see them, and I feel safe in their presence.

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