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It’s All About Risk

Babys Duckie

Right around the corner, just beyond this dreary NorCal rain and fog, there is a song in the breeze, and it carries the tune of spring.

As with all beginnings, spring arrives with the promise of new hope, and with that hope is an invitation to set intentions which require risk.

This time of year it is honorable to take a risk which may (or may not) come to fruition at the full turn of “the wheel.” Mother Earth is alive with new growth – the blossoms on the trees which may (or may not) become fruit, and seedlings under Her surface, breaking out of their shells to become (or not) lovely flowers in May. However, without RISK, there will be NO growth.

What is the wild child within asking from you right now? What tools do you have to honor the request? If you want to throw caution to the wind, it’s time to do that, for the winds of March have begun to bellow! Sometimes the risk involves standing still, just like a frozen pond; the surface is static, but beneath the icy-waters (behind the scene) there is plenty of action. Waiting for the thaw is okay. Releasing the past and ready to move on? Perfect, the rains will wash away any remnants. And let’s not forget the return of the light. These longer days allow us to really “see” what is going on; shining some light for best decision making.

Whether you’ve woken from a slumber with high energy or a sleepy head for a slow start, it does not matter. The opportunity is here if you choose to take your risk. I am standing still and choose to temporize, but dare I say, I see the cracks in the ice, assuring me that spring will bring a luscious thaw in which I plan to revel? You betcha!

We charge our energies each month with a new moon, so this March’s new moon and the season of spring have fully awakened me, and I hope you, too.

I wish you peace, strength, and bravery as you take your risk!
So Mote It Be and Blessed Be!
La Bona Dea

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