La Bona Dea's Journal of Everyday Magic

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Cats v. Dogs

Dear Beloveds I have both a cat and a dog in my sanctuary these days. I’ve had other cats and other dogs. I’ve had rabbits, too. But right now I am content with the wanderers of this realm. So, Dewey is about 2-2.5 years old and he is a German Shepard. He recently became my […]

Goddess Artemis and Her Bow

Walking the park path with my sister Priestess, Mona Calliope, I glanced down and I found the Bow. It belongs to Artemis, I know, for it was in the makeshift wooded area of a neighborhood park. The fallen branch, resembling a bow, is from a redwood tree. I grasped the handle and it fits like […]

When Easter is celebrated in Mid-April

My house is filled with bunnies, eggs, and mostly hope these days as I watch the flowers wake and bloom. The dirt is damp from the rain. . . and I mean THE rain. We only had a good showering on the 27th of March. . . and that’s been since sometime in early January. […]

Wind Bathing

Water baths, forest bathing, and of course the old spit bath, any of those will cleanse you. Your skin will smell sweet, your hair damp, and a fresh rosy glow will emerge across your cheeks. . . but this time of year I prefer a wind bath. The strong breeze of March winds blows through […]

Imbolc Awakening

The Wheel has turned once again. I stretch my arms above my head and wake from the deep winter’s nap. The drops of golden slumber fall from my warm and cozy body. I step onto the icy floor and scurry to the kitchen to start my coffee. The damp and chilled mornings, brisk with anticipation […]

Mystical, Magical, Merry and a Peek at our Family Yule Tradition

Blessings and cheer to you at this merry time of year! We have a new booklet available from The Priestesses of La Bona Dea. These pages are filled with practical and whimsical rituals and recipes to carry you through the year. As winter sends an icy chill across the frost-covered lawn, I can’t sit still. […]

Mabon Magic An Autumn Spell for Balance

Mabon, or Autumn Equinox, (9/21) is a time balance. Our first encounter was at the Vernal Equinox, (3/21)  focusing on balance to call and attain our desire, and now, at the end of the year, we realize and accept the terms we were dealt for this year. And though we say goodbye to unanswered wishes […]

A September Full Moon Bath

Moon bathing refers to basking in the moonlight, the same as in the day’s sun, but surely different, too! Once a traditional treatment prescribed to help people keep cool in the summer and believed to help promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety levels, the moon was considered to even help regulate a woman’s cycle. Yet, […]

Dreaming. . . old dogs, new tricks

Last night I had an important dream. It involved small dogs, an especially important pair of small dogs, and a huge golden building that was a bank. There were many floors on this bank, and each level had a specific role. I had nearly lost the little dogs, the female, Winnie, was always escaping. She […]