La Bona Dea's Journal of Everyday Magic

Storytelling which touches the heart and awakens the soul


Time to Network

At our last gathering of Manifesting with the Divine, my meditation led me toward networking. Yikes! That is scary for me, even though I talk…. a lot, it is tough for me to go out and to talk about me. What I do and who I am, and why I am. Hm. How can I […]

Manifest, earn, create, celebrate!

Blue Moon Water Bottle Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna- Our gathering of the Moon’s Goddesses invoked the blessed and whole energy of last night’s Full Blue Moon. The celebration took place under the nearly dark sky, the Moon hidden behind Her veils of lovely sculpted cloud formations. She began to emerge from the […]

Making Magic

I Recently attended a Magic Sigil class at Milk and Honey in Sebastopol. It was so much fun and truly interesting. I look forward to other magical evening with Phoenix, a lovely goddess of magic! I will help incorporate the use of Sigils in magic in upcoming events, I look forward to spreading the magic […]

Prayer and Moon Beads

As you can see I have been feeling very “crafty” these last few weeks! Sometimes I feel the need to be physical and head out of doors, capturing nature in all Her glory, other times I like to reflect with old fashioned pen in hand and write, write, write. Then other times, I get the […]

Focused Intention Kits

These charming little kits are for use to help keep your focus on your divine gift and desired goals. Each kit comes with hand crafted ritual bath salts made from corresponding herbs and essential oils, sea, iodized,and Epsom salts (use to remove blocks that may delay your goals), a corresponding crystal and charm to place […]

Glad Tidings

Wednesday, November 25th~ There I was, in the middle of the isle at Target, following my daughter toward the cat litter section of the store. My mind was wandering, as it usually does, relaxed in the mundane of the moment. Thoughts floating in and out when suddenly I realized I was getting confirmation from my […]

Sometimes you are the Tower

  If you know anything about the Tarot cards, you may recall the very threatening looking Tower, it is on fire and people are falling through the windows.  Your world as you knew it  is shaken like a big earthquake taking place, and just as you thought you were on top, the Heavens said, “No, […]


Today I saw an Orange Butterfly… it’s done, the magic’s begun!

Cast a Spell, Say a Prayer, Recite a Chant, Seek Knowledge, Give it Away

Once your heart has embraced intention it will linger in your being until you cast it out int the world.  This is the way that our ideas and thoughts take form and become our reality. When we are immersed in our intentions we tend to notice things that relate to the intention itself. For a time […]